New band Alarm Bells from ex-Dananananaykroyd members

New band Alarm Bells from ex-Dananananaykroyd members

Alarm Bells

Vocalist John Baillie Jnr on the inner workings of this triumphant, ramshackle crew

Many audible gasps were heard when Glasgow’s Dananananaykroyd announced their shock split almost two years ago. But for anyone still crying into their favourite T-shirt, we bring you Alarm Bells -- a triumphant, ramshackle crew featuring Dananan alumni Ryan McGinness, David Roy, and vocalist John Baillie Jnr, who gives us a quick insight into the workings of this new musical phoenix rising.

When did you decide to form Alarm Bells? Was this something you had in mind before Dananananaykroyd split?

The last Dananananaykroyd tour was definitely a catalyst. David [Roy, guitarist] and I had a little faction on tours; our hotel room was where dumb TV shows, live bootleg videos of our favourite bands, prog and hardcore albums and the worst chat imaginable went down. Eventually, the idea for the band came through pretty strong, and from there everything kind of fell into place.

You recently released Part One of a 12" vinyl series -- where can we pick it up, and when can we expect part two?

Part One is available from our band camp page ( and also some independent record shops in Scotland. We are writing Part Two and we'll be testing it out live before we record it but it will be out this year, probably in the summer.

Finally, if you were to run the band like a wanky chain coffee shop, what would your 'mission statement' be?

What do you mean "if"? We DO run the band like a wanky coffee chain. We are a double shot, ethically sourced, fair trade, decaf, Cayman Island-based, iced, soy musical outfit absolutely covered in whipped cream.

Part One is available now at and selected independent record stores. Alarm Bells will play Stereo, Glasgow on Thu 21 Mar, as part of Breakout Scotland, the first in a series of List-curated gigs, in partnership with Breakout.

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