Gallops - King Tut’s, Glasgow, Sun 10 Feb 2013 (4 stars)

Gallops - King Tut’s, Glasgow, Sun 10 Feb 2013


Impressive barrage of booming, hardcore prog

Sundays are the graveyard shifts of a working week of live music. Make it a bitterly cold, dark Sunday in Glasgow, mid-February and you can understand the lack of attendance at the eerily spacious King Tut’s tonight. But much praise goes to the brave, dedicated few who take up enough space to give Gallops a (metaphorically) warm welcome. With more electronics than a Maplin window display, Gallops are immediately engaging, fusing a loose-limbed energetic performance with the calculated logic and smarts to engineer their barrage of booming, hardcore prog.

The Wrexham collective’s debut album Yours Sincerely, Dr Hardcore, set an experimental and rhythmically-strong aesthetic for the band, which has since seen them dubbed ‘Wrexham’s answer to Battles’. While this is hardly slander, it’s likely far from helpful either, even if tracks like ‘Jeff Leopard’, and ‘G is for Jaile’, with their frenetic rhythms and jerky melée of buzzsaw guitars and electronics do draw attention to the similarities. But for the awestruck minority leaving here tonight, it’s clear there’s more to Gallops’ sonic vision than easy comparisons. And after a convincing all-rounder from the Welsh lads, man of the match goes to drummer, Dave Morait, whose explosive, yet almost metronomic skills form the iron-clad backbone to Gallops’ free-roaming soundscapes.

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