Dom Joly: Fool Britannia series two is more ambitious

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  • 15 February 2013
Dom Joly

Dom Joly

Dom Joly will get into costume as a woman and a six-year-old boy in the new series of 'Fool Britannia', and says it is more ambitious than the first

Dom Joly will play a woman and a child in the new series of 'Fool Britannia'.

The comedian - who recently competed on celebrity diving show, 'Splash!' - says the new series of the ITV hidden camera sketch show will be more "ambitious" as he will get into drag costume as a woman and play a six-year-old boy, but he's unsure if he can pull the latter off.

He told The Sun newspaper: "This series will have six characters from different generations - and so a lot more artificial limbs.

"It is very ambitious. I have no idea how I will do a child - he will have to be quite large for his age. While that will be hard, I have never done a woman before. I better get practising."

Dom, 45, also admitted he wanted to quit Tom Daley-fronted diving show, 'Splash!', after seeing one episode but is glad he stuck with it.

He said: "I watched 'Splash!' and rang my agent and said, 'Get me out of this!'. But thankfully it got better.

"I love diving and I wanted to learn a trick so I could do a proper flick. I nailed the dive four times from the 10metre board but in the live show I had an out-of-body experience and I can't remember much at all."

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