The 1975 share a bed

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  • 13 February 2013
The 1975

The 1975

The 1975 often all sleep in the same bed when they are touring in order to save money

The 1975 all sleep in the same bed.

The alternative rock band save money when they're touring by only hiring a single room for all four of them to sleep in, and they often end up sharing a bed together.

Frontman Matthew Healy said: "How do we celebrate after a show? We go to a Travelodge and all get in one bed, and then we all just hang out, pretty much!

"Ross [MacDonald] gets p****d. Ross just likes getting drunk, pretty much, that's what he does! And then we just all do our own thing.

"We'll go out occasionally but most the time we gotta drive to the next town or something.

"I think if I started out by telling what we get up to on a night out its probably not very..."

However, the band don't save all their partying until after they play a show, and often drink a botte of red wine before going on.

Matthew added: "It used to be we used to take ourselves quite seriously, now what we like to do is f**k about until the very, very second that we actually walk out on stage.

"Red wine is the new thing. We get like a bottle of red wine, we just have the wine and have a chat,

There are no traditions."

The 1975 are currently touring the UK and will head to mainland Europe and the US later this month. Their third EP, 'Music for Cars', will be released on 4 March, to hear more visit

The 1975

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