Golden Grrrls - Golden Grrrls (4 stars)

Golden Grrrls - Golden Grrrls

Album of concentrated fun and sunshine with 'best summer ever’ written all over it

(Night School)

For decades now, Glasgow has been known for its capacity to produce great pop music. Not ‘pop’ in the vapid, trapped-in-the-digital-jaws-of-the-music-machine sense, but rather that which takes the form of intelligent, instantly digestible nuggets of joy with a heartfelt addiction to melody.

One particularly great example of a new act gently tracing a similar line to that of their spiritual Glasgow-pop predecessors (The Pastels, Belle and Sebastian and Teenage Fanclub being the most obvious) is Golden Grrrls. Having been around in various forms for a few years now, their self-titled debut album finds the revered local group with a revised line-up. Drummer/lead vocalist Eilidh Rodgers and her Sacred Paws band mate, Rachel Aggs are joined by the capable hands of guitarist Ruari MacLean.

Similar to Rodgers and Aggs’ wonderful Sacred Paws duo, Golden Grrrls deal in short, sugary hits. These 11 deceptively simple but effective odes to the combined power of brevity, energy, honesty and good vibes are guaranteed to put even the most cynical of citizens in Scotland’s largest overcast metropolis – or anyone living under a raincloud for that matter – in an inexplicably great mood.

From the self-assuredness of the fuzzy – and rather apt – ‘New Pop’, to the intoxicating bounce of ‘Paul Simon’ and the high-tempo nursery rhyme catchiness of ‘Take Your Time’, Golden Grrrls have crafted an album of concentrated fun and sunshine. But underneath the playful exterior, there is a powerful engine at work with the Grrrls’ measured guitar interplay, clever vocal arrangements, and bittersweet lyrics showing a level of experience, care and craft that few other guitar-led trios can truly boast. Has ‘best summer ever’ written all over it.