Eat, sleep and breathe - Caitlin Rose

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  • 19 February 2013
Eat, sleep and breathe - Caitlin Rose

The 25-year-old country singer shares her tour habits, including a weakness for tapas and crisps

What time is breakfast?
Whenever Shep (tour manager) starts yelling at everyone. Gotta get to the lobby in time for that complimentary continental!

Tea or coffee?
Usually tea. Coffee makes me jittery. I don't deal well with a caffeine jolt especially in the morning. It's better to ease into the day if I can.

Smoking or non-smoking?
Smoking, but not so much during the day. Driving is a different story though.

Sweet or savoury snacks?
Savoury. Always. Regular old greasy potato chips. They're a singer's secret weapon.

What food do you miss when you tour?
All I really eat at home are salads. It's the only thing I can't screw up. Don't travel so well though. I love a good salad.

Who’s the best cook you know?
My friends don't really cook so I will say my mom. Which is kind of a lie.

What’s on your rider?
Vodka, tonic, limes, potato chips, cheeses and bread and all the regular stuff to munch on while we're bored and waiting for soundcheck. A little bit of salad stuff. Sometimes I'll eat lettuce out of the bag like someone's pet rabbit.

Which country/ city has the best food?
I went on a crazy tapas journey with this girl in Barcelona a year or so ago after our show. It was pretty fantastic, but I was drunk. Every place has its goods and bads as far as food staples go. I'll try anything once.

Do you eat out a lot?

Do you drink onstage?

Caitlin Rose plays CCA, Glasgow, Sat 2 Mar.

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