Dàimh (4 stars)


Crossing Point (Greentrax)


The addition of Lewis-born Gaelic singer Calum Alex MacMillan to their well-established instrumental line-up has added a new dimension to the music of Dàimh, a band with roots in the West Highlands, but a personnel that includes an American (fiddler Gabe McVarish), a Canadian (Cape Breton piper Angus MacKenzie) and an Irishman (banjo player Colm O’Rua). Guitarist Ross Martin and bodhrán player James Bremner complete the line-up, while producer Iain MacDonald adds flute or high whistle on several of the sets and songs. The band have never lacked energy on stage, but this is a significant step forward on disc. They are tighter and more focused in a repertoire that includes a Galician set, with piper Anxo Lorenzo and bouzouki player Xose Liz de Cea adding their own authentic touch to the music. MacMillan’s singing on the Lewis song ‘Eather Dubh a Bradhagair’ is supported by the Clachnabrochan Gaelic Choir.

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