Billy Connolly keen for Downton Abbey role

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  • 11 February 2013
Billy Connolly at the BAFTA Awards

Billy Connolly at the BAFTA Awards

Billy Connolly thinks it would be "a laugh" if her starred in 'Downton Abbey' and he would love to act alongside his 'Quartet' co-star Dame Maggie Smith

Billy Connolly is keen to star in 'Downton Abbey'.

The 70-year-old actor thinks it would be "a laugh" starring in the ITV period drama with Dame Maggie Smith - who portrays the Dowager Countess of Grantham in the show - after he had such a great time filming comedy-drama movie 'Quartet' alongside the 78-year-old star.

He said: "I'd love to work with her again, I'm not sure how I'd fit into the 'Downton' world, it's maybe not quite right but it would be a laugh I guess."

Billy admits Maggie is similar to the quick-witted Countess in real life and he is amazed how she can go from being light-hearted one minute to serious actor mode when she is required to film a scene.

Speaking to Heatworld at the BAFTA Awards ceremony at London's Royal Opera House on Sunday night (10.02.13), he added: "I loved working with Dame Maggie Smith. She's hilarious, so funny in between takes and then they say action and she can turn it on like that.

"She's amazing and the things she comes out with, real acidic comments, it's brilliant. She is a bit like the character on 'Downton'."

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