Foo Fighters (3 stars)

Foo Fighters

Echos, Silence, Patience and Grace (Roswell/RCA)


A wave of post-Nirvana excitement propelled Foo Fighters through their first few albums with ease and just as they were going to running out of steam a whole new generation of rock kids came along a took up the cause. This, their sixth album, shows the flaws in such a trajectory – there is too little variation on their formula.

One ringing bluegrass instrumental aside, this is an uninterrupted hour of well, Foo Fighters. Lyrically, the pot is clearly empty, Dave Grohl sounds without muse and the one chance to turn out something new with ‘Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners’ is an instrumental.

While acceding into the rock establishment, Grohl has visited his forefathers Springsteen and Young for inspiration, to create contrast with the familiar sonic bombast. The overreaching concern, however, is that we’ve heard too much of this before.

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