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  • 26 October 2006

The Dispatch

Music television has always been a hit and miss affair but Vic Galloway hopes he’s found, at the very least, a temporary antidote.

Apparently it’s a television-commissioner’s nightmare fitting music programmes into a busy schedule, provoking the age-old quandary of whether music actually works on the box or not. Is it just an excuse for twitchy, channel hoppers to search out another soap now that Top of the Pops is dead? There’s MTV for goodness sake, what more do you want?

There have been a few shows over the years that have captivated audiences and seemed unmissable. The benchmark is the haphazard, hotchpotch of bands, banter and performance art that was The Tube - a show so bad, it was good. I remember loving it at the time and am even tempted to buy the DVDs for pure nostalgia. The Word was also part of the pop-culturalist’s staple diet for a while, but definitely suffered from car-crash syndrome. You’d put up with some idiot snogging a granny just to see Nirvana tear up the studio! NB definitely had its moments in Scotland, as did Snub TV which really tried to push the boat out. But do you remember the lamentable White Room or the dull-as-dishwater live specials that seem to clog up the 2am slots on Channel 4 - how many times do we need to see some corporate, stadium wannabes do the V Festival? Popworld definitely works on one level - ie. the cheeky presenters - but does it truly showcase new bands or people you don’t already know? On the other hand, there is the worthiness of Later with Jools Holland or the Old Grey Whistle Test to contend with, both of which I have enjoyed at times and found flat at others.

As this dilemma rages on in my brain, I know that I’ve entered a potential danger-zone, as I co-present The Music Show. Good! All I can say is that the vast majority of bands in the series haven’t made it onto TV before; they’re all Scottish and will be fresh to your ears and eyes. As a team, we’ve done our best to make six shows that are short, sharp, exciting blasts of live music, videos and news. Now you be the judge and jury . . .

Vic Galloway presents on BBC Radio 1 from 7.30-9pm Thursdays; BBC Radio Scotland from 8.05-10pm Mondays and ‘Vic’s Most Wanted’ from 6.05-7pm Fridays. The Music Show is on BBC2 from Sunday 5 November at 7.30pm.

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