Ben Whishaw cut Daniel Craig's nose

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  • 11 February 2013
Ben Whishaw at the Skyfall World Premiere

Ben Whishaw

Ben Whishaw's first film 'The Trench' saw him cut Daniel Craig's nose with a World War I helmet over 10 years before they'd be reunited as Q and James Bond in 'Skyfall'

Ben Whishaw cut Daniel Craig's nose when they first met.

The 32-year-old actor appeared in 'Skyfall' as computer genius Q, but worked with the 'James Bond' star in 1999 in 'The Trench' when he nearly had an accident with one of the helmets.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday's 'live' supplement, he said: "In my first scene I had to dash down a trench and then bump into Daniel. We were wearing those really sharp, round World War I helmets and he said to me, 'Be careful', pointing to the helmet. 'It's very sharp'.

"So I dashed down the trench, turned the corner and went crashing straight into Daniel. I cut the bridge of his nose. It was literally my first take on my first movie."

It wasn't the ideal start to Ben's career, although his recent success opposite Daniel's Bond shows there were no hard feelings.

The actor has become more accustomed to being around celebrities, but he puts his early mistake down to nerves.

He admitted: "It was my first ever job and I remember feeling overwhelmed because I'd never really met a professional actor before."

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