Nature Boys - Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Sat 2 Feb (3 stars)

Nature Boys - Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Sat 2 Feb

Photo: Giulia Mattei

Sweat-drenched show from the punk foursome

Cameron Shiels, Nature Boy’s eccentric frontman, walks on stage to find an audience already buzzing from the support act’s performance – Pirate Sons. Shiels shows up wearing a tweed blazer, and the rest of the 4-piece band have that H&M men’s section look. They’re definitely not what you’d expect to see from a punk group.

However, when they begin, it all comes together. 'We’re gonna play a slow song now', announces Shiels. Moment of silence on the audience’s part, followed by 'I’m only fucking joking’. The crowd goes into a mental frenzy as Nature Boys blast out their first piece of the night. People of all ages are jumping up and down like kangaroos in mating season. A bunch of guys in the front row are wearing onesies, turning the grungy atmosphere into Nirvana’s 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' music video. We’re all back in the 90s for an hour. The frontman’s blazer comes off revealing a red shirt drenched in sweat, and now he’s unstoppable. Shiels leans off stage as he plays around with the mic, to then repeatedly jump into the middle of the crowd halfway through the songs. It’s hard to understand any of the words he’s singing, in and out of tune, but the crowd doesn’t seem to care and nobody in the room is standing still. 

The Nature Boys, Pirate Sons and The Litigators

Frantic, energetic indie punk rock.

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