Les Savy Fav (4 stars)

Les Savy Fav

Let’s Stay Friends (Wichita)


It’s been almost six years since this New York quartet saw fit to release a full album of new studio material but, boy, has it been worth the wait. Let’s Stay Friends features some of their finest work to date; a thrilling mix of spooky melancholy soundscapes, buzzing discordant riffs, thundering rhythms, slinky basslines and deranged vocals with some impressive guest appearances from members of Fiery Furnaces, Islands, Enon, Metric, Modest Mouse and The Black Heart Procession to boot. Supposedly written about the band’s unwillingness to give up, this magnificently frenzied fourth effort makes us glad the independent spirited bunch have persevered. Les Savy Fav are true indie rock legends and it’s about time they were treated like it.

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