Ruby Wax: It's a miracle Jennifer Saunders writes funny scripts

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  • 7 February 2013
Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax thinks Jennifer Saunders is one of the "dullest" women she has ever met and finds it a "miracle" the actress is able to write humorous scripts for sitcom 'Absolutely Fabulous'

Ruby Wax thinks it is a "miracle" Jennifer Saunders produces comical 'Absolutely Fabulous' scripts.

The outspoken TV star loves making guest appearances in the British sitcom with the 54-year-old star and Joanna Lumley, but insists Jennifer is "one of the dullest people" she's ever met and credits the hand of God for her humorous ideas.

She said: "This is eight years of work, I've never missed an 'Ab Fab'. Jennifer, and I've said this before, is one of the dullest people you'll ever meet in person. She likes to talk about she had a horse and I think she'd like to shovel the manure.

"She'd discussed that with me and then suddenly God comes in, if there is one. And he [touches] her hand and something goes through Jennifer and the night before a script comes out of that woman's mouth and it's a miracle."

Although Ruby, 59, is not so amused with Jennifer's personality, she describes Joanna - who recently won this year's Special Recognition prize at the National Television Awards - as a "brilliant" woman and she loves the duo's approach to life.

Speaking on Australia's 'The Morning Show', she added: "Of course Lumley is a brilliant woman, none of them are nut-jobs. When we get together and drink enough we're hilarious, but not at work. They're not real extraverts, these are introverts."

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