Lorraine Pascale is a 'potentialist'

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  • 5 February 2013
Lorraine Pascale

Lorraine Pascale

Lorraine Pascale views herself as a "potentialist" after having an array of jobs over the years, including being a mechanic, before realising her true talent lay in cooking

Lorraine Pascale is a "potentialist".

The TV chef - who is best known for teaching quick and easy meals on her shows such as 'Home Cooking Made Easy' - has had an array of jobs over the years, from a model to a mechanic, but over time found her true talent lay in her main "passion" - cooking.

Speaking at talk for the American Express Realise the Potential Campaign at London's School of Life last night (04.02.13), Lorraine explained: "Anyone can realise their potential - it's all about frame of mind. If you have a desire to grow and follow your dreams, then in essence you are a potentialist.

"I originally fell in to modelling at a young age. I had a great time modelling but eventually I wanted to find something that I was really passionate about.

"After enrolling on various courses - from hypnotherapy to car mechanics - I eventually found cooking and just loved it from day one. At last, I had found my passion!"

Lorraine is working with American Express to celebrate and inspire those who are pursuing their passions and realising their potential, and the raven-haired beauty is encouraging people to "chase their dreams".

She continued: "One piece of advice I have is to just go for it. Chase your dreams and don't settle for second best.

"I hope this campaign enables people to explore ways in which they can continue realising their potential and revoke some thoughts about following their aspirations and enriching their lives."

For more information visit Amex.co.uk/potential or follow @AmexUK on Twitter or American Express UK on Facebook.

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