Watch Beach House's short film 'Forever Still'

Watch Beach House's short film 'Forever Still'

The performance, filmed live in the Texan desert, was inspired by Pink Floyd's 'Live at Pompeii'

Beach House have unveiled their short film ‘Forever Still’, a four song live performance that was directly influenced by Pink Floyd’s ‘Live at Pompeii’ with a similarly spectacular setting.

Filmed in the stunning Texas desert around El Paso, the mesmerizing 26 minute video features 4 songs performed from sunset to sunrise. It was shot in the Tornillo area of Texas, the same place as they recorded their critically acclaimed 2012 album Bloom.

'We wanted to perform in a non-typical setting and felt songs would resonate in a more majestic and spiritual landscape,' the band said, explaining their intentions with the short film. 'The experience was an intense three nights of filming. Everyone involved in production and crew was benevolent in their time and talented in their efforts. We were very lucky to have the help and hard work of many people who aided and lent their abilities to our vision. The basic concept is four songs performed from sunset to sunrise. We tried to keep the edits minimal with long takes in order to focus on the energy of the songs, the landscape, and the physicality of live performance.'

They added, 'Like Bloom, we hope that Forever Still is experienced as a whole, long form.'

Beach House will be making their live return to the UK in March 2013 in London at Shepard’s Bush Empire for two nights only.

Beach House - Forever Still

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