Sam Faiers and Joey Essex want own TV show

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  • 1 February 2013
Joey Essex

Sam Faiers and Joey Essex

'The Only Way is Essex' stars Sam Faiers and Joey Essex are keen to land their own TV show when their time on 'TOWIE' comes to an end

Sam Faiers and Joey Essex want to have their own TV show.

The couple are keen to go it alone on the small screen when their time on 'The Only Way is Essex' comes to an end, and the blonde beauty has hinted that could happen quite soon as the pair have already started making plans for what they can do after the ITV2 reality show.

She said: "We'd like to do our own show. It's early days, so it's hard to say, but we would love to do that one day.

"The contracts are flexible now so that you can take a break and come back. Me and Joey would like to take a break at some point in time.

"I love 'TOWIE', I've been in it from day one, but sometimes I think I've done a lot and I don't know how much more I can do, especially now that I'm settled and happy. We're looking at things in the future."

After starring in all seven series of 'TOWIE', Sam admits it is "hard" to keep the programme looking new and different.

When asked how she keeps the show looking fresh, she added to Star magazine: "It is hard because we don't have a script, so it is keeping things rolling and interesting.

"I'm sure if a couple leave then new people will come in - you know what it's like. We're out of the loop until filming starts."

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