Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas specials confirmed

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  • 31 January 2013
The cast of Mrs. Brown's Boys

The cast of Mrs. Brown's Boys

The BBC has confirmed 'Mrs. Brown's Boys' will return for two special Christmas episodes over this year's festive period, and creator Brendan O'Carroll is "thrilled" to have been asked to create the new shows

'Mrs. Brown's Boys' will return for two Christmas specials this year.

The BBC has confirmed two episodes of the comedy show will air over the 2013 festive period, following on from last year's two specials on Christmas Eve (24.12.12) and Boxing Day (26.12.12), and creator Brendan O'Carroll - who also plays the titular matriarch - is "thrilled" to have been asked to create the new shows.

He said: "I'm thrilled that the BBC has asked us to be part of its Christmas again this year. It's a great privilege to be invited into people's homes at such a magical time of year."

Mrs. Brown's Boys' 2012 Christmas specials attracted an average audience of 15 million across all platforms, and Mark Freeland, BBC's Head of Comedy, "can't wait" to see how well the show does this year.

He said: "Last Christmas Agnes Brown was stuck halfway up the Christmas tree. This year in every way she will be the star at the very top. I can't wait."

Danny Cohen, Controller of BBC One, added: "I'm absolutely delighted to confirm that 'Mrs. Brown's Boys will be spending Christmas 2013 on the channel with two special episodes."

The final 'Mrs. Brown's Boys' episode of the third series airs on Monday (04.02.13) on BBC One at 9:30pm, and Brendan recently revealed he is considering writing a fourth series following the release of a big screen adaptation of the show, 'Mrs. Brown D'Movie', in June 2014.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I always said from the outset to my producer Stephen McCrum that it would be three series and that would be it. But it's been so successful and brought in so much money, that we will do the movie this year, which we start shooting in September. It's called 'Mrs Brown D'Movie. That should be in theatres in June next year to compete with the World Cup.

"Once we've finished that there may possibly be a fourth series. I certainly didn't think I would be as fond of it after three series as I am. I thought I would be a bit tired and a bit fed up."

He joked: "We didn't do it for the awards, we did it purely for the money!"

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