The Graduate (3 stars)

The Graduate

Barfly, Glasgow, Thu 6 Sep


‘Did you see his hair? Did you see his arms? Did you see his teeth?’ The post-gig analysis comes in many forms, but for some it had an overwhelmingly teenybopper feel when The Graduate left the stage after this superbly energetic set.

The two female audience members overheard excitedly discussing lead singer (and self-proclaimed college drop-out) Corey Warning may have been focusing on his physical merits, and these are certainly not in short supply, but the five-piece also have plenty to commend when it comes to belting out the tunes.

The tiny Barfly stage was transformed into an epic powerhouse of flailing limbs, shaggy haircuts and squawking guitars, fronted perfectly by Warning’s soaring and effortless vocals, and providing a fiery antidote to your common or garden bland emo band.

However, the name of their debut album, Anhedonia, meaning the inability to feel pleasure, was sadly a feeling I could empathise with only too well after hearing that the band had come on 15 minutes early due to Warning’s sore throat. But all told, a band that could well, ahem, graduate into the mainstream.

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