Claire Richards wants TV show with Rylan Clark

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  • 31 January 2013
Claire Richards

Claire Richards

Claire Richards wants to star in a reality TV show with her former 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemate Rylan Clark, in which the pair are put in situations out of their comfort zone

Claire Richards wants her and Rylan Clark to have their own TV show.

The Steps singer admits it would be "so much fun" to appear in a programme with the former 'X Factor' wannabe - who she formed a strong friendship with on the latest 'Celebrity Big Brother' series - where the pair are placed in situations out of their comfort zones.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I would love to do a TV show with Rylan. It would be so much fun because he keeps you entertained. That would be hilarious.

"I don't know what we could do though, maybe we could do the same kind of thing as Speidi [Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag] could do in a TV show - stick us in situations that are out of our comfort zone."

Following speculation Speidi - who fell out with Claire and Rylan and their fellow 'CBB' housemates in the latest series - are to get their own TV show travelling the country poking fun at the UK and its traditions, the 35-year-old star thinks the couple are ideal for TV, but would rather see them mucking out a stable or putting bins out.

She added: "I can see them doing a TV show - absolutely. There's definitely a series to be made out of those two. I can see them being put in situations that they might not be so comfortable in because that would be very interesting TV to see how they cope with it.

"I'd like to see them muck out a stable and work on a farm or go and help do a bin round. I'd like to see that."

Claire was recently revealed as the face of plus-sized clothing line Fashion World - - and is due to launch her own collection later this year.

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