Luke Campbell: I will give DOI judges 'stick back'

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  • 29 January 2013
Luke Campbell

Luke Campbell

Luke Campbell has vowed to continue giving the 'Dancing on Ice' judges "a bit of stick back" if he doesn't agree with their comments, and he will tell Jason Gardiner he is "four shows too late" if he finally gives him a compliment on this weekend's show

Luke Campbell is determined to give the 'Dancing on Ice' judges "a bit of stick back" if they keep slamming his routines.

The Olympic gold medal-winning boxer has vowed to give as good as he gets if he doesn't agree with the feedback he is given from Jason Gardiner, Ashley Roberts, Karen Barber and Robin Cousins, and if outspoken panellist Jason finally gives him a compliment this weekend he will tell him he is "four shows too late".

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Some of their feedback is interesting and some of it is like, 'Where did that come from?' But it's all part of the show, it's entertaining.

"If they are giving me stick then I'll give them a bit of stick back. If I think it's wrong then I will but if I think it's right then I will happily agree and go along with it.

"I've seen Jason a couple of times after the show and he's a nice guy. He's obviously on the show because he brings that level of entertainment to it and he's not scared what to say. Some of his lines are quite funny, I have to admit they are.

"I'll probably tell him it's about four shows too late if he ever does give me a positive comment."

Luke - who is currently helping youngsters to use entrepreneurial skills in positive ways by launching the vInspired Beta Generation Live online workshops - admits he was "shocked" to see Pamela Anderson and Lauren Goodger voted off the competition and the surprise outcome has made it "really hard" to predict who is going to win the show.

He added: "It was a big shock. I wasn't expecting Lauren or Pamela to go, I really wasn't. It was a big shock. But this is down to the public so it's up to them if they want them there or not.

"It's really hard to say who is going to win because you've had a few shocks already in the tournament so it's hard to pin down who is going to win."

Luke Campbell launched the vInspired Beta Generation Live - a series of online workshops and top tips to help young people harness their potential and use their entrepreneurial spirit in positive ways. Visit for more details.

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