Sir David Attenborough: I'd like to do a show on babies

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  • 28 January 2013
Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough would like to make a show about human babies as he admits nothing "fascinates" him more than a nine-month-old child

Sir David Attenborough would like to make a show about babies.

The 86-year-old presenter - who is known for his nature shows such as 'Life On Earth' - admits nothing "fascinates" him more than a human baby and he would love to create a documentary focused on them.

He told The Sun newspaper: "What is the creature that really grips your emotions, that you are continuously fascinated by? The answer is the human baby. A nine month old.

"Babies are fabulous. They change every day, grip your heart. I wouldn't mind doing a show about them."

David's series 'Frozen Planet' won Best Documentary at last week's National Television Awards and with his new shows 'Natural Curiosities' and 'Galapogos' - and 'Mirco Monsters 3D' out later this year - the veteran TV personality is "amazed" by the amount of attention he receives.

He exclaimed: "I think, 'Cor blimey, haven't they seen enough!' But since it's such fun to make the programmes, who am I to say no? I am amazed anybody should want me to go on - but delighted.

"It's such a huge piece of luck, it would be barmy to knock it back. I find it very difficult to believe I'm nearer 90 than 80 and people still want me. So hurrah!

"Because there are people my age or younger who just sit in a corner and think about whether they want to play golf next week. I've never played golf in my life!"

Despite his age, David is still determined to bring extraordinary footage to viewers' TV screens for them to experience with him.

He added: "I'm there to make films and by and large you want to film animals as they are, not when they are being disturbed by human beings. A charging animal may be sensational but it's not the programme you set out to make.

"But really your job is to make sure animals don't charge you. You keep yourself unobtrusive and, with long lenses, there is very little need these days to put yourself in danger."

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