Scotty memorial proves a big hit with visitors

  • 18 September 2007

A Linlithgow museum has enjoyed an influx of visitors keen to see a memorial to the late James Doohan, the Canadian actor who played Scotty on Star Trek.

Bosses at the Annet House Museum in Linlithgow High Street say the number of people through the doors almost doubled last month, with fans flocking to see a collection of props and memorabilia on loan from the Doohan family.

The family visited the West Lothian town to unveil a commemorative plaque, which recognised that Scotty was born there in the year 2222. According to the hit sci-fi show, his parents remained there while he served on the Enterprise.

Councillor Martyn Day said: “James Doohan and his memorable Star Trek character, engineer Montgomery Scott, are known to millions all over the world, and it is fitting that a memorial is erected in Linlithgow, Scotty’s future birthplace.”

Doohan died in 2005, aged 85. His widow Wende and son Chris were among six family members to visit Linlithgow.

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