Randan Discotheque - Sonderweg (4 stars)

Randan Discotheque - Sonderweg

Artist Craig Coulthard's art-pop posse release an album that's part-po-mo Proclaimers, part Zappa

Fuck miracles. The art/pop diaspora of the last few years traverses regions, as this first non-CD-r release from Forest Pitch imagineur Craig Coulthard’s revolving musical troupe proves in spades. Sonderweg opens with some very wise spoken words before Coulthard and co take their own special path through a terrain of bad-ass guitar garage, deep-fried saloon-bar twang, space-jazz chorales and ceilidhism to flesh out Coulthard’s erudite epic narratives.

With synthesised burbles and operatic warbles lending jauntiness throughout, ‘Where Did You Come From?’ is weirdly infectious enough to sound like a Caledonian take on Bob Dorough’s ‘Three is A Magic Number’, while ‘Heather the Weather’ is a novelty smash hit in waiting. Think of a po-mo Proclaimers corrupted by swathes of Zappaesque dryness, and you’re still only halfway to paradise.