TeenCanteen - Noble’s Bar, Edinburgh, Sat 29 Dec (3 stars)

TeenCanteen - Noble’s Bar, Edinburgh, Sat 29 Dec

On the last Saturday of 2012, with Leithers gathering to get in training for Hogmanay in one of the area’s better locals, it's not the situation where you might expect to experience one of Edinburgh’s finer prospects. ‘I think that’s the first time someone’s been thrown out of one of our gigs,’ noted singer and sometime Futuristic Retro Champion Carla Easton as one hardy drinker was shown the door, her small group of devoted followers at the front outnumbered by nonplussed onlookers chatting away around the bar.

Yet the all-female quartet won the room over, and that’s surely triumph enough. Easton’s vocals are bubblegum sweet and sharp as a whip as they chastise one unfortunate for being ‘so analogue/cos you don’t even write a blog’ and another for deleting her from their Facebook. Their wry guitar pop nature is no surprise given they’ve collaborated with The Vaselines’ Eugene Kelly and BMX Bandits’ Duglas T Stewart, the Low-style Christmas song ‘When It’s Starting to Snow’ and a most unlikely cover of Kylie Minogue’s ‘All the Lovers’ indicating two more of their disparate influences.

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