Exposure: Stubborn Heart

Exposure: Stubborn Heart

Luca Santucci and Ben Fitzgerald are the duo behind the synth act with a heart

Assumed to be a couple of kids from south London after a white label of their zeitgeist-seizing track ‘Need Someone’ circulated among tastemakers, Stubborn Heart is in fact two thirtysomething electronic music veterans finally bringing a long-gestating studio project to fruition.

Vocalist Luca Santucci takes up the story as he and beats/synths man Ben Fitzgerald prepare to take their One Little Indian-released self-titled debut album of ‘electronic soul from the heart’ on tour for the first time.

Me and Ben go back a long way – we were in a band in the mid-90s when we were teenagers and always stayed in touch. I got into electronic music and so did he, and every now and then we’d get together and make tunes. We made that track 'Need Someone’ and a mate said 'Put it out on a white label, 12”, you know – old school.' We pressed up 300 copies and it went really well.

How did record labels react when they realised they were trying to sign thirtysomethings?
I think they were quite disappointed! Because so many of the acts are teenagers these days – Disclosure, Bonda … every week there’s another one. And they all make music with a bit of depth to it – for their age it’s amazing.

You’re often compared to post-dubstep artists like James Blake, SBTRKT and Mount Kimbie – do you recognise those associations?
We love all those artists, but our stuff is a bit more song-based. I need to feel what I’m singing – that’s why they end up all being bloody heartbreak songs. That’s going to be a problem on stage – I’ve got to get up and moan about my ex-girlfriends.

Berkeley Suite, Glasgow, Thu 24 Jan.

Stubborn Heart - Need Someone

Stubborn Heart

Mournful electronica from London/Oxford duo.

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