Rare collection of Potter books to be auctioned

  • List.co.uk
  • 18 September 2007

A rare collection of signed Harry Potter books is to be auctioned to raise cash for a charity that supplies books to children around the world.

The collection is thought to be the only of its kind in the world and is being kept under lock and key at an Aberdeenshire police station.

All seven of the books have been signed by JK Rowling and are expected to fetch at least £20,000.

The charity, Rhynie-based Books Abroad, has sent an estimated two million books to 80 countries in 25 years.

JK Rowling’s mother in law, Barbara Murray, volunteers for Books Abroad.

The eBay auction will start on Monday, with the successful bidder announced the following Saturday.

Claire Newman, development officer with Books Abroad, said the books could go for more than £20,000.

“It would be a pretty special investment and it has already generated quite a lot of interest.”

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