Bon Jovi's new album is a product of its time

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  • 24 January 2013
Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi's new album was inspired by the state of the US, and the band admit the album had to be released before its lyrics became outdated

Bon Jovi's new album was inspired by the current state of the US.

The 'Always' hitmakers will release 'What About Now' in March and they believe the record is a "topical" study of their home nation in the aftermath of US President Barack Obama's first term in office.

Speaking at a press conference to announce their headline performance at Barclaycard British Summer Time in London's Hyde Park on July 5, Jon said: "[It's] uplifting, optimistic as usual, trying to find that message in there ... The moment in time almost forced the record to come out because otherwise the time passes, and the subject matter becomes aged. So, it's an opportune time to be topical.

"A post-first term of Obama's first term, kind of where America was or is."

The rockers feel the record will still do well as a physical album, despite the demise of high street record stores - and dispute the idea artists embracing technology, such as with their own Bon Jovi App has led to the downfall of traditional music outlets.

Jon added: "I've resolved myself to the fact that it's how you did it when you began... write a song for you and if people love it they'll find it.

"It's really not how many units ... You write songs that you wanna share with people - then what happens is out of your control."

Bon Jovi

Poodle rockin' veterans with a set of air-punching anthems.

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