Slovakian Master Printers (3 stars)

Slovakian Master Printers

Group show highlighting the works of Karol Felix, Igor Benca, Robert Jancovic and Marian Komacek

There’s a muscular gloss to much of the work on show in this showcase of four Slovakian printmakers that forms part of an ongoing international exchange initiated by the Scottish Society of Artists. Much of this is to do with the mezzotint techniques by two of the artists, which lends their extravagant images the air of 1970s fantasy graphics, capturing some of the wilder imaginings of the decade all four came of age.

This is most apparent in Karol Felix’s gold-tinged apparitions, in which parallel worlds reflect back on each other with an ornate totemic sheen. There are intimations of ancient alchemy, too, in Igor Benca’s more technologically inclined work.

Both Robert Jancovic and Marian Komacek’s contributions are even more beguilingly opaque. Komacek’s pieces veer between a brooding seductiveness and, on ‘Crosses’, a near Beuysian sense of post-industrial detritus.

Jancovic’s work is most interesting of all, occupying a terrain where Icarus seems to swoop from the womb, while elsewhere blades abound in impressions of Swiss army knives and axe-heads that are more forensic dissection than bloody execution.

Edinburgh Printmakers, until Sat 2 Mar.

Slovakian Master Printers

Exhibition of work by distinguished Slovakian printers Karol Felix, Igor Benca, Marián Komáček and Robert Jančovič, who studied together in Bratislava under the famous Prof Albin Brunovsky.