Coronation Street's Kirsty to develop 'darker side'

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  • 23 January 2013
Natalie Gumede

Natalie Gumede

Natalie Gumede has revealed her 'Coronation Street' alter-ego Kirsty Soames will develop an even "darker side" before her evil ways reach a climax

'Coronation Street' viewers will see an even "darker side" to Kirsty Soames.

The violent mother - who has been beating her former fiance Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) on regular occasions - is to increase her "reign of terror" and pretend the hapless mechanic has been the one abusing her before her evil ways eventually reach a chaotic climax.

Natalie Gumede - who plays Kirsty - told The Sun newspaper: "I'm aware that Kirsty has a shelf life and I'm happy with that. People need to see a consequence and there will be a climax.

"Kirsty has plenty more to say before that climax arrives though and viewers will see a new, darker side to her. But her reign of terror can't last forever.

"There was a point when I thought she could be redeemed if she went to counselling. But at this stage, it's too late -- there is no way back for her.

"Her redeeming features are disappearing as she grows more desperate. She is completely obsessed with Tyrone and is clinging on to him.

"She doesn't care if he loves her or hates her as long as she has power over him -- and it is much more calculating than when she was abusing him physically.

"She is a messed-up individual who is crossing into villain territory and it's important for the story that at some stage she faces the consequences."

While both Natalie and Alan have enjoyed playing out the brutal storyline, he admits it has been tough to watch for his wife and former 'Coronation Street' star Lucy-Jo Hudson -- who played Katy Harris in the soap from 2002 to 2005 - and she often breaks down in tears when she sees him get attacked onscreen.

He explained: "Lucy cries when she sees me get hit. I get home and she says, 'Are you alright?' She loves 'Corrie'."

What's more, the make-up is so lifelike that Alan's friend once thought he was getting hit at home for real.

He added: "On one occasion I walked into the pub and my mate was like, 'Are you alright?' I was like, 'Yeah of course, why wouldn't I be?'

"Later I nipped to the loo, looked in the mirror and was like, 'Oh no!' I hadn't realised I'd left my make-up on. I came out and was like, 'Mate, it's make-up!' "


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