Art Brut


1 They formed a band Formed a band! They formed a band! Look at them! They formed a band! Well, of course they did, but the point is that English art-terrorist punk-popsters also wrote a song about it, called ‘Formed a Band’, in which singer Eddie Argos dreamed of writing a tune that would bring peace to the Middle East. Not lacking ambition, then.

2 They never made it to Top of the Pops The band were obsessed with performing on the deceased show. When it was announced that Top of the Pops was winding up, they started a petition to get them on it. Didn’t work. Shame. Their single ‘Emily Kane’ apparently missed the Top 40 by two sales. Oof, that smarts.

3 They’ve been on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine OK, not the American version, but they were cover stars of the German Rolling Stone. The band’s knockabout weirdness has seen them not being taken too seriously on these shores, but in Europe and the States they’re becoming pretty huge. Strange, eh?

4 They have daft names In keeping with their rather nonsensical style, the band members have excellent monickers. Eddie Argos, Freddy Feedback or Jasper Future, anyone? Sadly, Chris Chinchilla left amicably last year.

5 They have a shameful secret Lead guitarist Ian Catskilkin is the cousin of Ray Wilson, singer with Stiltskin who, rather unbelievably, have just released a second album.

ABC, Glasgow, Mon 13 Nov.

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