Claire Richards gets letter from home

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  • 22 January 2013
Claire Richards

Claire Richards

Claire Richards, Neil 'Razor' ruddock and Tricia Penrose received their letters from home as a reward for winning the Boys Vs Girls challenge

Claire Richards, Tricia Penrose and Neil 'Razor' Ruddock were given their letters from home by Big Brother last night (21.01.13).

The trio were given a special prize after triumphing in the Boys Vs Girls challenge - which saw Razor take a place as an honorary girl to even out the teams - a day after they refused the notes in protest at Claire's having been taken away when Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt refused to take part in a task.

The show's twitter feed read: "11.33pm: Rylan is reading Claire's letter. From the opening line of "Hello gorgeous," Claire is already in floods of tears. #CBB

"11.36pm: This is a present for just the girls for winning the task. Rylan burst into tears at the end of reading Claire's letter. #CBB

"11.38pm: Ryan's reading Razor's letter from home now. Everyone tears up at his youngest saying "Daddy telly working" when he's on TV. #CBB

"Rylan is now reading Tricia's letter. Tricia's pet peacock laid an egg on the day she left. #CBB (sic)".

The winning trio were also treated to a 'hen party', complete with male stripper following their earlier successes in two out of the three challenges, with Tricia completing the multi-tasking obstacle course in 2.58 minutes while Ryan Moloney's total time was 3.48 thanks to a penalty for dropping a phone.

The ladies then beat the boys with their mathematical know-how thanks to Razor's sharp mind, scoring four correct answers to his opponent Rylan Clarke's two.

However, they couldn't compete with the boys' body odour in the sweat collectors part of the challenge, leaving the men victorious.

Meanwhile, as a punishment for refusing to take part in the task and spending all day in bed, Big Brother has removed 'The Hills' stars Speidi's bed until further notice.

The task will air this Tuesday evening (22.01.13) at 10pm on Channel 5.

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