Anderson McGinty Webster Ward and Fisher - King Tut’s, Glasgow, Sat 12 Jan 2013 (3 stars)

Anderson McGinty Webster Ward and Fisher - King Tut’s, Glasgow, Sat 12 Jan 2013

Gig showcases Dundee acoustic fivesome’s musicianship

Uniting five pillars of the Dundee music scene, rootsy acoustic collective Anderson McGinty Webster Ward and Fisher is a smart and fruitful exercise in individual songwriters and players combining strengths. With so many talents jostling for primacy as instruments and songs are traded, a more natural order needs to be found (and their solicitors-firm name improved upon). But this noisily-received sold-out show evidenced abundant personality and promise.

Rotating between an almost daft quantity of instruments – guitars, double-bass, banjo, mandolin, harmonium, piano (even the drummer whips out a trumpet at one stage) – the fivesome’s musicianship is in little doubt. Nor is their songwriting nous and eclecticism, though the sheer array of styles they work through makes them a slippery proposition.

Opener ‘(Might as Well) Trust in Me’ is a blues-rock stomper reminiscent of beardy Scottish peers Kassidy, ‘Little Brown Boy’ is Dylan-esque folk, while newer stuff – some of which had been recorded the week prior at the same rural Perthshire studio where their self-titled debut took shape – enters amped-up serious rock territory. Closer ‘Pigeon Song’ points to AMWWF’s brightest possible future – rousing, soulful, all voices singing very much off the same hymn sheet.

Anderson McGinty Webster Ward and Fisher - Pigeon Song - OFFICIAL VIDEO

Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward & Fisher

Dundonian supergroup featuring members from various bands including The Law, Luva Anna and Magdalen Green.

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