Crazy P

Crazy P

Ultragroove at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Sat 22 Sep


With a new album recorded and all-but mixed, the artists formerly known as Crazy Penis have toned down to appeal to the popular market. ‘Yeah, the Penis has gone,’ says singer Danielle Moore. ‘Thank God, because when my nana said it back to me it just didn’t sound right. We got some flak from a Christian church in Manchester about the flyposters too, although now we’ve had a bit of a backlash in New Zealand, because apparently Crazy P is another name for crystal meth there. You can’t win.’

You can’t, particularly if you’ve just finished a record you’re utterly satisfied with and don’t, as yet, have a record label to put it out. Beginning life as a production outlet for founders Chris Todd and Jim Baron when they were at university in Nottingham a decade ago, the club-friendly disco/house/funk outfit have grown in number and ambition since then, with the new, as-yet-untitled album – their fifth, the last one being 2005’s A Night On Earth – representing the quintet’s most collaborative effort yet.

‘We all went into the studio to write at the same time,’ says Moore, ‘which – I hate to use this word, because it’s so overused – made it more organic. We started with live instruments this time, and that’s very hard to recreate electronically, whereas when we did the other albums the samples and keyboard parts would come first. I think the confidence to do that comes from playing live.’

Add a guest slot from DJ Deep and the cream of local DJ talent to the mixing pot alongside the Crazy P live experience, and you have another unmissable Ultragroove. (David Pollock)


Deep soulful house with a dash of disco from Gareth Sommerville.

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