New theatre piece In an Alien Landscape from Birds of Paradise

New theatre piece In an Alien Landscape from Birds of Paradise

Exploration of reasons why a person creates artworks

What makes a person create artworks? For Albie, hero of Danny Start's new play In an Alien Landscape from Birds of Paradise, it's an urgent problem. Awoken from a coma, he finds himself compulsively unable to stop painting.

It's an appropriate premise for what has become the opening production at the Beacon, Greenock's glittering new £9.5m theatre, following 'slippage' in the building schedule.

In a second serendipitous coincidence, direction is by Julie Ellen. Now artistic director of the Beacon, she provided dramaturgy during the play's naissance while in her previous job at the Playwrights' Studio.

It's not all good -- 'If I knew I would be directing it I would have urged Danny to be more modest in his ambition,' she laughs -- but it is a play which chimes with her ideas. 'I am fascinated about that notion of how we construct an idea of ourselves and live our lives accordingly,' she says. 'Taking that childhood message of who we are and negotiating with oneself in adulthood to really have a sense of being authentic in our daily lives.'

On tour throughout Scotland from Fri 1--Fri 22 Feb

In an Alien Landscape

After suffering a close encounter with death and a resulting brain injury, Albie can't stop painting, a compulsion driven by the constant white noise that fills his head. Presented by Birds of Paradise Theatre Company.