Balletboyz: The Talent 2013

Balletboyz: The Talent 2013

credit: Hugo Glendinning

Double-bill featuring video and dancers Russell Maliphant and Liam Scarlett

What happens on stage is but a brief moment in a dancer’s life. In the rehearsal studio there’s a whole host of fascinating activity we rarely get to see. Which is why, early on, Michael Nunn and William Trevitt decided to make video an integral part of their shows.

Former Principals with the Royal Ballet, Nunn and Trevitt struck out on their own in 2001, dividing their time between dancing and documentary making. Now that cutting a dash on stage has become a little harder (both are in their 40s), they’ve recruited ten younger male dancers to populate this new incarnation of the BalletBoyz, leaving them free to train the dancers, commission choreographers and video the process.

‘We use video partly to break the ice with our audience and partly to give out a little information,’ explains Trevitt. ‘We like to introduce the dancers, and share some elements of the work early on, so people know more about who and what they are about to see.’

In this instance, it’s The Talent 2013, a double-bill of dance by Russell Maliphant and Liam Scarlett, drawing on classical and contemporary techniques.

‘Both Liam and Russell were trained as classical ballet dancers and that immediately makes them fit into our ideas,’ says Trevitt. ‘We asked him to create an all-male piece, but to work just as he would with a room of men and women, so Serpent has a wonderful combination of masculinity and delicacy. Russell always works using the dancers’ response to tasks he sets them, and Fallen is no exception, so the work reflects our dancers’ many and varied skills.’

Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Mon 18 Feb


  • Written by: Alexander Whitley

The boyband of ballet embark on stunning displays of physical dexterity, mixed with film and behind-the-scenes footage.

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