Scottish Dance Theatre make first outing with new artistic director Fleur Darkin

Scottish Dance Theatre make first outing with new artistic director Fleur Darkin

credit: Maria Falconer

Victor Quijada and Jo Strømgren on bill featuring streetdance and music of Schubert

The bright lights of a big city may not shine particularly brightly on Scottish Dance Theatre, but that’s never stopped it illuminating its own path. And now that new artistic director, Fleur Darkin has moved up from London to run the show, the Dundee-based company is nailing its international colours to the mast more than ever.

For Scottish Dance Theatre’s first outing with Darkin’s name above the door, Los Angeles-born Victor Quijada and Norwegian Jo Strømgren are on the bill. Those who recall Quijada’s last work for the company in 2003, Self Observation Without Judgement will know that his mix of streetdance and contemporary isn’t short on originality.

‘Victor’s work liberates streetdance from its usual clichéd formats: the battle or showcasing virtuosity, and sets it free,’ says Darkin. ‘And his new work Second Coming has an unpredictable energy that engages the audience with the dancers.’

Strømgren is also no stranger to Scottish audiences, having played the Edinburgh Fringe with his arresting show, The Convent. This time around, Strømgren has turned his attention to the coldest season, setting his work to Schubert’s Eine Winterreise.

‘Jo is a global choreographer whose works have shown in 47 countries and counting,’ says Darkin. ‘He’s widely watched because he is a master of stagecraft, theatricality and comic timing, and his attention to detail in the design is spectacular. In short, he is an entertainer, and he creates entertainers of Scottish Dance Theatre's dancers.’

Dundee Rep, Wed 20--Sat 23 Feb, then touring

Scottish Dance Theatre: Second Coming and Winter, Again

The dance troupe's double-bill spring show takes on the LA-street-dance-influenced Second Coming and Winter, Again, an exploration of the season choreographed by someone who knows it well – Jo Strømgren, a Norwegian.