New David Leddy theatre piece Long Live the Little Knife

New David Leddy theatre piece Long Live the Little Knife

credit: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

Playwright's raucous theatrical caper referencing forgery and castration

A few months ago I saw the writer Daniel Jackson in Euston Station,’ says David Leddy, ‘and we got the train back to Glasgow together. We were talking about our projects, and as I described all these avant garde things, Daniel sighed and said, ‘are you never going to write something funny again, where people talk to each other?’’ Leddy, whose company Fire Exit has produced acclaimed and always challenging shows in diverse locations (don’t call them ‘site-specific’, he finds the term reductive), decided to accept the challenge, and ‘raucous caper’ Long Live the Little Knife is the result, premiering at Film City, Glasgow, ahead of a planned Edinburgh Fringe run and tour.

It’s about a couple of small-time market traders who get in over their heads and have to find a lot of money very quickly, deciding to become art forgers with no experience of actually creating art. ‘The whole show is about what makes something real and authentic,’ says Leddy. ‘What’s a real artwork, what’s real love, what’s a real man and a real woman?’ The title is a classical term of appreciation for the castrato soprano, a dark allusion to the act of canine castration which opens the piece. But DC Jackson take note, there’ll be laughter too.

Film City, Glasgow, Thu 7--Sat 9 Feb.

Long Live the Little Knife

  • 4 stars
  • Written by: David Leddy

Site-specific, boisterous production of the tale of two art forgers who need to learn how to paint.

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