Oona King: Mark Hanretty is a 'real hero'

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  • 21 January 2013
Oona King

Oona King

Oona King has praised her 'Dancing on Ice' partner Mark Hanretty for being a "real hero" after he fell and dislocated his shoulder on Sunday night's (20.01.13) show

Oona King thinks Mark Hanretty is a "real hero".

The British politician left the popular TV show 'Dancing on Ice' on Sunday (20.01.13) after her professional partner fell and dislocated his shoulder during their skate-off against Gareth Thomas and Robin Johnstone, but Oona insists it was her who took an "extra step" and caused Mark to tumble.

Speaking on ITV1's 'Daybreak' this morning (21.01.13) she explained: "Mark says he's fine but he's a real hero. He's now a legend at least, you know, so that's good. I have made him a legend.

"I just have to let the nation understand that it was me who tripped him up. He's a pro-skater, he did nothing wrong. I didn't know what happened, he was just on the floor but I'd taken an extra step - you just need to put one foot out of step on the ice and ..."

Mark's accident came shortly after Oona, 45, had confessed to him how "scared" she was of falling and she had previously found it remarkable that no one had injured themselves before then.

She revealed: "I was never scared of, you know, falling on my head and cracking my skull because I knew Mark wouldn't let me - but I was very scared of falling flat on my face on TV.

"And in fact I said to Mark before we went on, 'God it's amazing no-one, none of us yet has actually fallen on the ice', and then I just went and cut his legs from underneath him so I feel beyond devastated about that because he's such an amazing guy and such a beautiful skater is the other thing."

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