Take Me Out girl claims she was set up

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  • 19 January 2013
Paddy McGuinness

Host Paddy McGuinness

'Take Me Out' contestant Naomi Hewston claims she was pressured by bosses to choose a man she didn't fancy and encouraged to drink lots

A 'Take Me Out' contestant claims she was pressured to choose a man she didn't fancy.

Naomi Hewston - who scored a date on last weekend's show with Troy and returns tonight (19.01.13) to talk about it - claims bosses of the dating show made a fool of her by making her pick a man she didn't like before encouraging her to get drunk.

She said: "There was no attraction between me and Troy, but I was told off for trying to turn my light off and told I'd be kicked off if I didn't pick a man.

"One of the producers told me, 'Brad Pitt's not coming down, and you're not Angelina Jolie, so just get on with it.' "

Asked why she kept her light on for Troy, Naomi said she told host Paddy McGuinness: "Because I was told to."

She added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "The producers shouted at me and said, 'You can't say that'. They're going to edit it out.

"I said, 'So I have to lie about it and pretend I wanted to go out with him?', and they said, 'Yes.' "

"I feel a total fool, and I was set-up. I was encouraged to drink too much and say things on camera which made me look like an idiot."

A Thames spokeswoman for the show - which features 30 single girls who judge a single guy and vote by turning on or off their lights - said: "We strongly refute any claims that we tell any contestant how to act or respond.

"We do not encourage contestants to drink alcohol and turning a light on or off is entirely up to individual choice."

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