Proudlock wants Made in Chelsea spin-off with Jamie and Francis

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  • 18 January 2013
Oliver Proudlock

Oliver Proudlock

'Made In Chelsea' star Oliver Proudlock wants to make a spin-off show with his two best pals and co-stars Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle

Made In Chelsea's Oliver Proudlock wants a spin-off show with Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle.

The loveable trio - who call themselves the three Lost Boys - are a favourite with fans of the E4 reality show and would consider capitalising on their popularity by starring in a new series about their bromance after the success of their viral spoof songs.

Speaking at the UK premiere of 'Flight' last night (17.01.13), Proudlock exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "The three of us boys would consider it, potentially! We're thinking about maybe doing something around the music, maybe doing some kind of album around that.

"I think we'd keep it with us and not the 'Made In Chelsea' cast, collaborate with some actual musicians. It's been fun doing the last few songs - obviously were not the best singers - but it's a nice little side project!"

The boys' friendship was rocked by the appearance of sexy new co-star Sophia Sassoon, who decided to date Francis despite flirting with Proudlock, but the 24-year-old clothes designer insists they will never let a girl come between them and are set to move in together.

Proudlock said: "We are absolutely fine, really good. We're actually about to move into a new house together, me, Jamie and Francis which is really cool.

"Throughout the whole thing we were always friends, when you watch it on TV it looked like there was a bit of poaching, but there wasn't."

Although the show's new stars - particularly womaniser Andy Jordan - caused friction with some of the returning cast, Proudlock is adamant the fifth series will bring everyone together and will serve fans up with even more drama.

He explained: "It's often hard when new characters come in, trying to mould with everyone, but they fitted in really well and everyone is really cool.

"Hopefully this season will be better than the last. New characters will come in, there's new stories, new things happening so hopefully it should keep the viewers gripped - that's the plan!"

Filming for the new series of 'Made In Chelsea' kicks off next Wednesday (23.01.13).

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