The Saga of the Blood Benders (3 stars)

The Saga of the Blood Benders

Rick Geary

Rick Geary has produced stories and art for everyone from Heavy Metal and National Lampoon to Disney. However, recently he’s been focusing on his ‘Treasury of Victorian Murder’, which has covered Jack the Ripper through to The Murder of Abraham Lincoln and even The Beast of Chicago. Now the ninth installment of this grim series retells the tale of multiple murders in the Wild West as the Bender family sets up shop and dispatches as many locals as they can get their hands on.

It’s a grisly tale and Geary’s factual presentation roots it in reality, but his thick cartoon style imbues the macabre events with a droll sense of humour. The only real fault is it feels too short – you instantly want to dip into another horrific story of 19th-century homicide.

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