5ive's 'emotional rollercoaster' on The Big Reunion

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  • 18 January 2013


While 5ive have enjoyed reforming for ITV2 show 'The Big Reunion', the 'Everybody Get Up' hitmakers admit they went on an "emotional rollercoaster" when they met up again after years apart

5ive went on an "emotional rollercoaster" when they reformed for 'The Big Reunion'.

The 90s boy band - who are made up of Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, Abs Love and Sean Conlon, while fifth member Jason 'J' Brown pulled out of the reunion - admit they "steamed in" to a heart-to-heart to sort out all their past differences, but their relationship is now "fantastic".

Speaking at the launch of the ITV2 show, Sean told BANG Showbiz: "The banter has been the same but before there was always this dark undercurrent underneath the banter where we upset everybody, and we don't want to do that but we're still normal lads full of testosterone.

"There was a big part in the show where we all reconvened and that was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. We had a bit of a hug and a bit of a, 'How you doing?', and then we steamed in and got into the nitty gritty of things in the past. It got quite interesting."

Scott added: "That was important for us to do it that way round, we couldn't just come straight into rehearsals. It was a no-go. We had little things we had to sort out and now we've sorted them out it's fantastic."

The 'Everybody Get Up' hitmakers - who posted an advert on Facebook earlier this week in a bid to find a fifth member - have enjoyed re-learning all their dance moves, while Abs joked he isn't enjoying their banter.

Ritchie said: "It's been weird, strange and wonderful it really has.

"When you watch the programme you'll see our story and how it all ended and stuff, it's been nice to get together and start singing and doing all the moves and stuff, and just reconnecting with the guys as well."

Abs joked: "I've hated every moment of it with these boys to be honest, it's getting too much now!"

Sean quipped: "We might need a fourth member let alone a fifth member!"

While the group are yet to put any plans in place following 'The Big Reunion', they haven't ruled out a future album.

Sean added: "We want to get on this show and see what the fans say, and then who knows?"

'The Big Reunion' airs on ITV2 on January 31 at 9pm.


The late 90s lad band (now, confusingly, with just three members, Scott, Ritchie and Sean, remaining) use their rekindled fame from The Big Reunion TV series to hawk their old tunes.

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