Biffy Clyro - Opposites (3 stars)

Biffy Clyro - Opposites

Double album showing both sides of band contains some great material, but feels diluted

(14th Floor Records)

Pick any classic double album in history and you’ll find one excellent, seminal record padded out with just as much filler. Here, the Biffy have decided to go full 1970s and not allow for much editing of the creative process, and the result is good -- sometimes very much so -- but it’s hard not to view it as somewhat diluted.

The intention seems to be to gratify both sides of their artistic inclination at once, and the first record seems positively designed to appeal to the mass market audience which eventually broke them. There’s no ‘Many of Horror’ here, however, with precious few stand-outs like the meaty FM rock of ‘Biblical’ and the delicate post-rock build of ‘Fog’ or ‘The Thaw’. By contrast disc two is positively experimental, bearing flamenco-inspired trumpet on ‘Spanish Radio’, almost jazz patterns on ‘Trumpet or Tap’ and finally some proper chest-beating anthemics on ‘Accident Without Emergency’. It’s an album that’s more or less the sum of its parts, which is all we can ask for - but perhaps less than we might have hoped.

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Biffy Clyro

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