Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror (3 stars)

Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror

Chris Priestly

With a title like that and these spooky stories being told to a boy called Edgar, it’s hard not to think that this is a tribute to the creator of literary chillers, Mr Poe. And while reading this, it’s highly conceivable to hear the liquidy tones of Vincent Price through the voice of Uncle Montague as he dispatches some chilling anecdotes into the ears of his little listener.

Sent to visit a mildly odd uncle deep in the woods, Edgar allows himself to hear sinister stories about a bewitching doll’s house, a tree which holds a few dark secrets and a path which harbours real horror. Written by Chris Priestley, a cartoonist at the New Statesman and with lavish gothic illustrations from David Roberts, this may not have a ‘Pit and the Pendulum’ or ‘Fall of the House of Usher’ within its collection, but there is many a pleasurable shock here to keep you awake at night during the impending witching season.

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