Fat Goth - Stud (4 stars)

Fat Goth - Stud

Excellent album of thunderstruck-hardcore, hollering-pop and countrified-rock‘n’roll

(Hefty Dafty)

They may have a line in sardonic song titles, and their band’s name may sound like a dubious punch line, but Dundee rockers Fat Goth are a serious underground rock concern. Formed in 2007 and with a debut LP (2010’s Mindless Crap) under their studded belts, the Tayside three-piece serve up (head-banging) nods to Mclusky, Mike Patton, Fugazi and the Jesus Lizard.

Frontman Fraser Stewart is a thrilling axe-mangler and vocalist, equally adept at discharging vitriol (killer-rhythmic signature anthem ‘Creepy Lounge’) and crooning lullabies (‘I Am Leg End’; dueting with Alice Marra on ‘Pinball Moron’). Kick-ass drummer Mark Keiller played in Olive Grove Records’ noise-poppers Pensioner while new bassist Kevin Black is ere of native post-rock incendiaries Laeto. Black’s fathomless, light-speed bass-licks are stunning -- witness ‘Surf’s Up’ and ‘Debbie’s Dirty Harry’ -- but he’s formidably matched by Keiller and Stewart on this excellent album of thunderstruck-hardcore, hollering-pop and countrified-rock‘n’roll.

Fat Goth album launch, Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Fri 1 Feb.