Haftor Medboe and Anneke Kampman - Places and Spaces (4 stars)

Haftor Medboe and Anneke Kampman - Places and Spaces

Refreshing collaboration between dexterous jazz guitarist and electronic chanteuse


At first listen, Conquering Animal Sound chanteuse Anneke Kampman's first sojourn into off-piste collaboration sounds like the straightest thing she's done. Here she is, singing proper words and everything alongside seasoned jazz guitarist Medboe and his band, who here include saxophonist Konrad Wisniewski on a suite of songs that seeks to capture an environmental essence complete with twittering noises off between songs.

Listen harder, and there's a spectral oddity at play throughout Kampman's coos and Medboe's dexterous and atmospheric picking that lulls one into a false sense of security before exploding into little light-and-shade storms. Recalling Trish Keenan in Broadcast or Alison Statton's post Young Marble Giants trio, Weekend, Medboe keeps the melody intact while Kampman's rich, glacial voice swoops without fear, punching out each phrase with a calculated off-kilter precision that makes for a scarifying pastoral delight in this refreshingly strange alliance.

Haftor Medbøe + Anneke Kampman - Extract from Places and Spaces

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