The Time of the Rebels (4 stars)

The Time of the Rebels

Travelogue by Matthew Colin

A compelling account of the challenging and toppling of undemocratic governments by youth resistance groups across ‘the second world’, from Serbia to Georgia, through the Ukraine, Lebanon and beyond, Matthew Collin’s latest book is as much a tribute to the enterprise and endeavour of its protagonists as it is of non-violent protest.

Beginning in Serbia with the group Otpor, former Big Issue editor Collin follows the kids as they risk interrogation and beatings to foster dissatisfaction with Slobodan Milosevic, doing nothing so much as creating a nuisance of themselves, organising rock concerts, evocative poster campaigns and publicity stunts inspired by the likes of the Paris Situationists, Martin Luther King and Monty Python.

As similar movements spread across Eastern Europe, Collin tackles the thorny issue of American collusion with these idealists, but their principles seem to bear the scrutiny and their methods are now a blueprint for the outgunned but not out-thought across the world.

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