Catfish can inspire true love

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  • 17 January 2013
Max Joseph and Nev Schulman

Max Joseph and Nev Schulman

Max Joseph hopes his and Nev Schulman's new MTV reality series 'Catfish' will encourage people to meet their perfect partner, someone who they can share all their darkest secrets with

Max Joseph hopes his new reality series 'Catfish: The TV Show' will encourage people to fall in love.

The filmmaker and actor Nev Schulman are confident their new MTV show - which explores the lives of people who meet on the internet, develop a relationship, and fall in love without previously meeting - will help people to discover new ways of finding someone they can share their darkest secrets with.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "On the internet not only do you have the ability to pretend to be the person who you wish you were. You can find someone to talk to who knows nothing about your life, is not connected at all to your community.

"Some people who have enough money can pay to talk to therapists who take an oath they will never betray your trust and never tell your secrets to anyone, but most people don't have that, and the closest thing they have is someone on the internet somewhere in the world they feel safe telling their secrets."

Nev admits the show came about as a result of 2010 documentary movie 'Catfish' - which sees him filmed by his brother for a documentary as he begins a long-distance relationship online - but it was not a fairytale romance as he discovered his love Megan wasn't a real person.

He added: "I'm not even sure I can take credit for the idea because most of the inspiration for the show came from people who reached out to me after seeing the film asking for my help and looking for advice.

"Making the show was merely a response to what seemed to be a real demand and need for some kind of possible solution to the countless relationships which are starting online which may or may not end in true love."

'Catfish: The TV Show', Monday 21 January at 10pm on MTV.

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