Corrie's Julie Carp turns detective to track Paul

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  • 16 January 2013
Katy Cavanagh

Katy Cavanagh

Coronation Street's Eileen Grimshaw fears her boyfriend Paul Kershaw is having an affair, so her sister Julie Carp turns detective in a bid to see what he has been doing

Coronation Street's Julie Carp is to start spying on her sister's boyfriend after they suspect him of cheating.

The scatty factory worker - who is portrayed by Katy Cavanagh - turns detective for a day to track her sister Eileen Grimshaw's (Sue Cleaver) boyfriend, fireman Paul Kershaw (Tony Hirst), because the pair suspect he is up to no good.

A 'Coronation Street' source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Eileen thinks he's up to something so Julie offers her services - Miss Marple eat your heart out!"

Kitted out in a scarf and glasses, to ensure she looks inconspicuous, Julie also arms herself with a pair of binoculars to spy on Paul from a safe distance to see if he is doing the dirty on her sister.

It's not the first time Eileen and Paul's relationship has been tested since they met in 2010 in a love at first sight encounter, when the emergency services hunk rescued the office clerk after she managed to get her head stuck in some railings.

Paul was previously forced to confess to Eileen that he was already married to Alzheimer's sufferer Lesley Kershaw (Judy Holt) after he had initially tried to keep her a secret, which led to Eileen splitting up with him.

But last year the pair reconciled and in May 2012, Lesley died after she electrocuted herself when she was left on her own in Eileen's house and dropped a toaster into the kitchen sink.

She was later pronounced dead by paramedics who arrived at the scene and failed to resuscitate her.

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